Reflection Over Ramen


I sit down to a luncheon with myself…. a moment of reflection over a bowl of ramen. The ambrosia from the broth excites my senses, the result of over 60 hours of low and slow cooking.

“Slurp, Slurp”

Have my years of living …. the many years of fond and desolate memories have any meaning…. carry any value beyond my life? Does my life… my life’s broth simmer only to become more refined with each passing year?

“Slurp, Slurp”

Just like this bowl of ramen, my life too will come to an end, but it is not the bottom of the bowl I ponder. It is the experience of this particular bowl of ramen I enjoy; I reflect over…. it is my life I ponder, its inevitable end lies beyond the horizon of my minds eye. It is the contemplation of my life’s journey that is the delicacy to my reflection over this bowl of ramen.

“Slurp, Slurp”

This bowl of ramen comes to an end. This moment of reflection comes to a close, and it is now the moment I continue my pursuit of happiness and willingness to share it. I leave any self-loathing behind like the empty chair I stride from. I leave with another enlightening memory as I leave with a belly full of deliciousness and nourishing ramen.


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